SLOOOW es un juego de carreras de caracoles, en el que deberás conseguir un buen tiempo en el circuito plagado de power ups, obstáculos, caminos distintos y, por si fuera poco, ¡puede haber otros jugadores compitiendo por llegar antes a la meta!

Como jugar:

Toca la pantalla( móviles) o pulsa W (ordenador) para correr, pero ten cuidado de no quedarte sin estamina. Manten pulsado para usar los power ups.

SLOOOW is a snail racing game in which you will have to improve your racing time in a circuit filled with power ups, obstacles, different routes and if that wasn't enough there can be other players compiting to get first to the finish line!

How to play:

Tap the screen(phone) or press W to run, but be careful or you'll run out of stamina. Hold to use the power ups.


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WOHWOHOW this game is so fucking amazing!

But it has some bugs :( 

Pls update it, I want to play it with my son.